Why SpoGest-IB


Our bodies are generally 98,6" F, it only makes sense to choose a probiotic supplement that can withstand higher temperatures and stomach acid. Among tons of probiotics on the market, SpoGest-IB is one of the first pre-activated mixture form probiotic supplements in the world. With a Bacillus spore-based combination uniquely designed to survive the harsh condition, thrive, and colonise the gut with beneficial SBOs, SpoGest-IB has helped thousands of people worldwide overcome the hard life struggling with their digestive symptoms.   

Fatigue, bloating, gas, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhoea, eczema, dry skin, and rosacea are all conditions that can have the same root cause; poor gut health. 10, 50, or even 100 billion CFUs can't help if they're killed when they reach the harsh stomach acid. That's why SpoGest-IB, with only 2 billion of high-quality probiotic strains can replace all your sky-high CFUs dose. Here is the difference:

Higher Absorption, Faster Results

While Spores might be nature’s best design for probiotics, SpoGest-IB with liquid spore form is even better. Our natural probiotics require almost no breaking down and they’re absorbed 5 times faster than other forms of standard probiotics. They're better than any simple probiotics you've taken before. With over 90% CFU survivability, SpoGest-IB has demonstrated the unique ability to crowd out bad bacteria for balanced gut flora and increase the immune reaction of intestinal cells.

In addition, these beneficial probiotics are encapsulated in excellent spores that protect them from harsh conditions such as high temperatures, stomach acid, ultra-violet, and ambient humidity.

Safe & Non-Allogenic

The majority of probiotics are often made with lactobacilli and/or bifidobacteria strains, which come from dairy, often found in yogurt and kefir. SpoGest-IB, on the other hand, is non-allergenic and the perfect probiotic solution for people with dietary restrictions.

• Dairy Free
• Sugar-Free
• Gluten Free
• Nut Free

• Non-GMO
• No Meat or Animal O

Our Ingredients

The old adage “you are what you eat” is no longer true, it is more correct to say that “you are what you absorb.” The primary role of the gut is to absorb the nutrients from the food that the body needs for growth, repair, and normal functioning. Bacillus subtilis & Bacillus clausii are vital to the food chain as they have the intrinsic ability to produce a multitude of enzymes, secretory proteins, antimicrobial compounds, vitamins, and carotenoids, helping the body optimally absorb all the nutrients.

Organic & Soil-based

Approximately 100% organic and soil-based ingredients.

Pharmacy Grade 

We strive to provide only the best for our customers and loved ones. We ensure that SpoGest-IB probiotics are created with the best DNA verified, Pharmacy Grade ingredients that are FDA approved.

Durable Multi-Strain Spores

Engineered with groundbreaking bacterial technology, our highly effective probiotic strains of Bacillus subtilis & Bacillus clausii are protected in durable spores that can withstand harsh external environments and even stomach acid to retain over 90% CFUs survivability. 

Health Benefits

Balance Intestinal Microflora

Balance Intestinal Microflora

SpoGest-IB's probiotic strains can help produce metabolic compounds that suppress the growth of unwanted microorganisms (the ones that compete for receptors and binding sites with good microbes) on the intestinal mucosa. By doing so, you achieve a healthy, balanced state in your gut.

Normalize Bowel Frequency

Normalize Bowel Frequency

By repopulating and supporting beneficial gut bacteria and fixing an imbalance, SpoGest-IB strengthens the digestive system and regulates stool consistency. This helps give you regular, normal bowel movements on a daily basis.

Improve Immune System

Improve Immune System

The Bacillus probiotic strains of SpoGest-IB can enhance the integrity of the intestinal barrier and decrease translocation of bacteria across the intestinal mucosa. This allows proper maintenance of immune tolerance and better responsiveness from immune cells.

Promote Mental Health

Promote Mental Health

By nourishing healthy intestinal microflora, SpoGest-IB supports the building of a healthier, more resilient mind. Gut microbes may communicate with the gut–brain axis through the production of neuroactive and neuroendocrine molecules.

Boost Nutrient Absorption

Boost Nutrient Absorption

SpoGest-IB’s probiotics help improve nutrient status and tackle malabsorption issues by supporting the breakdown of food, proper small intestinal structure, and processes that lead to optimal nutrient use.

Our Ingredients

Organic & All-Natural

SpoGest-IB is proud to be 1 of the few probiotic supplements on the market that is 100% natural, providing 100% health benefits while leaving out unnecessary and harmful additives, preservatives, or fillers. 

Safe & Non-Allogenic

We strive to provide only the best for our customers and loved ones. We ensure that SpoGest-IB probiotics are created with the best DNA verified, Pharmacy Grade ingredients that are FDA approved.


Durable Multi-Strain Spores

Engineered with groundbreaking bacterial technology, our highly effective probiotic strains of Bacillus Subtilis & Bacillus Clausii are protected in durable spores that can withstand harsh external

environments and even stomach acid to retain up to 100% CFU survivability.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is your product side-effect free?

Absolutely! Our probiotics are cultivated from natural soil, and each vial of SpoGest-IB contains only two billion healthy bacteria, with B. Subtilis & B. Clausii strains & 5 ml of sterile distilled water. No gluten, dairy or any harmful ingredients included!

2. Is it safe to take your product with medication?

SpoGest-IB probiotics are pretty friendly with medications and medicine combinations. However, in the case of immunosuppressive medication, we recommend checking with your doctor first.

3. How many vials per day should I start with?

Everyone has different microbiomes, and the way we adapt to probiotics also depends on the individual. However, for the first 5 days, we recommend you take 1 vial per day after mealtime. After that, please update us on your health situation to receive further instructions and to know if you should increase your dosage.

4. What is the detox period?

As SpoGest-IB stands above other standard probiotics due to its spore shells and liquid form, you may experience initial changes (it’s natural you may spend more time in the bathroom, for example). We’ve noticed about 10-15% of customers go through detoxification in the first few days of using our product, with symptoms like bloating or gas, sometimes diarrhea. Rest assured, those are just signs of spore probiotics fighting off harmful bacteria, protecting your body and helping flush out the toxins. These symptoms will ease very early before positive changes show up.

5. How long will it take to notice improvements after starting your product?

 Results vary from person to person, as everyone is different. However, on average, 90% of our customers report substantial changes in just 2-3 weeks of using our probiotics, with others taking 1-3 months.

6. Is your product dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan-friendly?

Certainly, yes! The ingredients used in our product are totally dairy-free, gluten-free and totally suitable for vegans.

7. What is your refund policy?

If you are not satisfied with our product for any reason, please contact us within 60 days of purchase. We will refund your purchase, even if your boxes are empty.

8. Will the symptoms come back if I stop using your product?

Probiotics are not permanent cures. They are simply natural and beneficial “food” for digestive support. They will still keep your digestive issues under control for a certain amount of time after consumption stops. It is highly recommended to take probiotics frequently, but not forever, if you want to keep digestive issues managed in the long run.

9. How does your brand differ from others?

Compared to other standard probiotic brands on the market, SpoGest-IB offers two outstanding advantages: spore technology and a liquid form. While spores protect the probiotics from excessive heat and stomach acid, the liquid form allows a much quicker absorption rate and larger coverage ability than powder or capsule forms.

10. Does your product help with constipation?

SpoGest-IB probiotics aim to solve diarrhea-related issues, and so are not recommended for people with constipation. If you have very mild constipation or a mix of constipation and diarrhea, please contact us for further information.

11. Can I use your product while taking antibiotics?

Definitely! Our liquid spore probiotics have no issue with antibiotics. To optimize results, however, please only take them a few hours apart from each other.

12. Can I take your product while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes! Our probiotics are generally safe to take during pregnancy or breastfeeding. However, to ensure the best possible results, you should consult your healthcare practitioner before trying our product under these circumstances.

13. Is your product suitable for children?

Our probiotic supplement contains soil-based and organic ingredients, so children can take it. However, safety is paramount, so please check with your doctor or medical advisor before giving our product to children.

14. How do your probiotics resist stomach acids?

The three-layered spore structure in our probiotic enables the probiotic particles to pass through stomach acid, preserve over 90% CFUs survivability, and only get to work once they arrive at their destination: your intestinal tract. 

15. Are there any studies that back up your product?

Numerous studies have been conducted on our probiotic strains. Please contact Customer Service to get links to these studies.

16. Where is your product manufactured?

Our product is made in Vietnam, in FDA-approved and GMP-certified facilities.

17. Does your product need to be kept refrigerated?

Nope! Thanks to our spore technology, our liquid probiotics are shelf-stable for up to 24 months. They are fresh and ready to use without daily refrigeration. 

18. Can your product be shipped to and stored in areas with extreme weather conditions?

 Our spore-structured probiotic supplement can survive cold weather and up to 80 degrees Celsius (176 degrees Fahrenheit), so this is no issue.

19. Are there any special diets that I have to follow while I’m taking your probiotic?

Nope! It’s not required to follow a special diet while taking our probiotic supplement. However, we recommend you follow your doctor’s, dietitian’s or nutritionist’s orders for optimal results.