Privacy Policy

Spocillus has a longstanding commitment to safeguard the privacy of the information entrusted to us from customers who use our website and services. The privacy principles and procedures set forth in this Website Privacy Policy are intended to tell users how this information is collected, used, and distributed via our websites.


When a user visits one of our websites, information that personally identifies the user can be collected and processed by Spocillus employees. Usually, the only information that will be collected is the user's name, business address, mailing address, telephone number, fax number, e-mail address, and professional licensing information when this information is knowingly provided to us. In addition, this information can be collected as a result of the services or the products a user requests information about or purchases from us. Finally, Spocillus can collect or process personally identifiable information, such as a user's Internet domain or IP address, as part of the normal operation of our websites, or during the normal course of a user's activities on or use of our websites. In nearly all cases this data is collected or processed by, or transferred to, Spocillus corporate headquarters. When a user visits our websites, the user is consenting to the collection, processing, transfer, or use of this information. If a user chooses not to consent to the collection, processing, transfer, or use of this information in this manner, then the user should not visit, or should discontinue visiting, our websites.


Without obtaining a user's express consent, Spocillus will not sell, trade, or disclose a user's personally identifiable information to any third party who might attempt to market products or services to the user. However, Spocillus can disclose information to a third party who is used to assist carrying out a transaction for a user or providing a service to a user (for example, packaging, sending, or delivering a purchase or information to the user or clearing a credit card transaction).

Spocillus might be required to disclose information about the users of our websites as a result of a subpoena, a search warrant, or some other legal process authorized by a court of law. In addition, Spocillus might disclose information about the users of our websites to a third party who is assisting us in conducting an investigation about unauthorized activity that constitutes a violation of the policies for using our websites, or when circumstances dictate the need to protect or defend our rights or property.


Spocillus regularly implements industry-recommended technological and operational security measures for the purpose of protecting personally identifiable information from unauthorized access, loss, misuse, alteration, or unintentional destruction. Although no security measure can absolutely guarantee against unauthorized uses, Spocillus regularly reviews and updates our website security measures for the purpose of providing appropriate security measures for personally identifiable information.


Because Spocillus only wants to maintain accurate information about the users of our websites, any user can request to be provided the individual information that has been gathered about the user. Any user can contact Spocillus (see the Contact Information section below), and, upon receiving proper identification information, Spocillus will provide the user with the personally identifiable information that Spocillus maintains about the user. If a user finds a factual inaccuracy, then the user can notify Spocillus and the inaccuracy will be corrected.


Spocillus will not retain a user's personally identifiable information longer than is necessary for the purpose it was collected.


Spocillus policy is that children under the age of 18 should not provide any personally identifiable information to a Spocillus website without a parent's or guardian's consent. Spocillus encourages parents and guardians to instruct children about the safe and responsible use of personally identifiable information on the Internet. Spocillus will not knowingly collect, use, or disclose to any third party any personally identifiable information collected from children under the age of 18.


Spocillus can provide links from our websites to third-party websites not owned by Spocillus. However, because Spocillus does not control these third-party websites, a user should always review the privacy policy of these linked third-party websites. Spocillus is not responsible for the privacy policy or practices of linked third-party websites or for services controlled by other companies or organizations.


When a user browses this website, Spocillus websites can employ "pixel tracking," a common process used in connection with advertisements and/or internal tracking. Pixel tracking involves the use of pixel tags – an invisible tag that is placed on various pages of a website that tracks a user's activity. Pixel tags are not visible to users and consist of a few lines of computer code. Pixel tracking measures the effectiveness of advertisements by compiling aggregate and specific usage statistics. Spocillus can access pixel tags to identify the activities and interests that better enable us to match products, services, and offers to the user's interests and needs. For example, if a user visits a Spocillus website as a result of an advertisement on a third-party website, then the pixel tag will allow the advertiser to track that its advertisement brought the user to a website operated by Spocillus. If a user visits a website or other online system operated by Spocillus, and the user is linked to another website, then Spocillus also is able to determine that the user was sent to and/or interacted with a third-party website. This data is collected for use in marketing and research.

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