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 SpoGest-IB  A Natural Spore-Formed Probiotic Supplement for

Digestive Health

Mental Well-being

Immune Functions

Personal Guide

Three stages of body adaptation with SpoGest-IB:

  STEP 1

Body Adaption

First 7 days

◼️   Recommended dosage:  1  vial/day  after food. For Children Age 3 to 12 , take  ½ vial/day. 

◼️  About 10% of our customers report mild detox during the first few days as the body becomes familiar with our probiotics. If you encounter this stage or have any concerns about our product,  please contact us immediately via 24/7 Customer Care Live Support Message to get instant support.

  STEP 2

Proliferate and Boost

Day 8 to Day 14

◼️   Recommended dosage:  2  vials/day  after food (separately). For Children Age 3 to 12 , take  1 vial/day. 

◼️  Your body starts getting comfortable with the rapid  colonisation of the 2 strains of SpoGest-IB. 

  STEP 3

A Happy Gut

Day 15 to Day 21

◼️   Recommended dosage:  2  vials/day  after food (separately). For Children Age 3 to 12 , take  1 vial/day. 

◼️ Thrive in the gut's bacterial balance. Share with us about your pleasant journey with SpoGest-IB.

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**Please note that SpoGest-IB is NOT for  constipation
*SpoGest-IB is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

Live Support Customer Care

Our Customer Care team stands active 24/7 and is ready to support every customer to get the dedicated guidance, helping you take the most benefits of SpoGest-IB. If you have concerns about our product or require personal direction, please contact us immediately via Live Chat to get instant support.

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SPOGEST-IB - High Efficacy Liquid Probiotics - Pure Spore Formed -  Overall Digestive Health, Immunity - Vegan Friendly - for Men and Women

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Customer satisfaction and trust are our #1 priorities. If you are unhappy with our product, simply return it within 60 days of receipt for a full refund. No questions asked!

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